Former Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis is still receiving payments from the University as part of a contract agreed upon during his time coaching. Weis is now the second highest-paid employee of the University for the 2010 year, just behind incumbent head coach Brian Kelly.

USA Today attained the tax forms filed by University of Notre Dame. The files show that while Coach Kelly of The Fighting Irish received just over $2.4million for 2010, his predecessor Charlie Weis was paid nearly $2.1 million.

Weis’ continuing payments, despite him no longer being employed by Notre Dame, is in agreement with “the contract buyout deal” after Weis was fired after the 2009 football season.

As acquired by USA Today, the tax document reads: "Termination payment of $2,054,744 was made during the reporting period to Charles J. Weis under a separation agreement that includes additional annual payments through December, 2015."

The document also read that in addition to the nearly $2.1 million, Weis also received $469,727 in 2010 from Play by Play Sports, which is involved with Notre Dame media programs.

Even further,  on top of the continuing payments that Weis will be receiving from Notre Dame, the fired coach was awarded a $6.6 million termination payment in 2009. Thus, Weis has received a grand total of almost $8.7 million.

USA Today was not able to attain Notre Dame’s Coach Brian Kelly’s 2011 compensation since “he did not appear on the tax return that the university filed in May 2011. That return included compensation information for the 2009 calendar year.”

The tax document did reveal though that during 2010, Coach Kelly received $2,424,301. However, the document does state that Coach Kelly “‘is permitted to receive compensation from external sources with prior written approval from the University’ and that any such payments are not reported on the return.”

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