A well known religious publication, Word magazine, has tried to stir up controversy about Brian Kelly's political views and accused Notre Dame of "setting aside moral standards for the sake of athletic success."

The article states: "The recent hire of Brian Kelly to succeed Charlie Weis as head football coach at Notre Dame raised more than a few eyebrows among devout Catholic alumni. Kelly has a history of association with left-leaning politicians... Such ties have prompted some Fighting Irish faithful to wonder aloud if Kelly supports legalized abortion."

Then come the lines about moral standards, and then this: "If abortion supporting President Barack Obama can deliver the school's commencement address, as he did last year, then why can't a liberal coach the football team?”

This is complete nonsense, and Kelly to date to his credit has refused to be drawn into such controversies. Asked about his stand, he says he is "pro-Notre Dame" and "pro-football."

Good for him. It is absolutely no one's business what private views Coach Kelly holds and to suggest otherwise is ridiculous. After all, few blinked an eye when Lou Holtz campaigned for a Republican candidate when he was head coach.

Kelly was hired to coach football, and unless he begins proselytizing with team members that is the only standard he can be judged on. To suggest otherwise is to go against the grain of all our laws on religious freedom and freedom of expression.

Kelly will live and die on his record. Let the priests take care of the spiritual issues. Lots of prayers to Touchdown Jesus for a successful season is the way to go.