Notre Dame boss Brian Kelly said he is on the same page as fans, to win.

“This group wants to be remembered for something,” coach Kelly said.

“They want to be remembered for being the team that turns this program in the direction that we all want it to go.”

Kelly has been with the Fighting Irish since last December and has a good record for winning with other teams.

“There are a lot of 1-3 football teams around the country,” Kelly said.

“Some are going to finish 1-11. Some are going to be 9-3. It's what you decide to do from here on out. I know where I'm going.”

Three defeats in the first four games is nothing new for Kelly.

In the past he had lost three of his first four games while at Central Michigan before turning things around.

“We've played a tough schedule, let's make no bones about it,” Kelly said of facing Stanford, Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue.

“Our kids have battled. There is going to be success down the road for them if they stay with it, and I'm certain that they will.”

“We all want to win,” Kelly said.

“We all want to be judged on successful ventures in playing the game. They are getting better. They are getting to the point where they can compete and think that they can win every game that they play.”