Notre Dame
Forget Catholics versus convicts.

Notre Dame's blowout against Miami was more Godzilla versus Mickey Mouse as the Irish steamrolled to a very impressive victory.

Suddenly the sky is the limit for this Irish team and the pre season jitters about a very tough schedule are suddenly fading away. Stanford? Not the powerhouse we feared. Oklahoma? ditto? USC ditto.

The prospect of competing for a national championship, especially if Stanford are defeated next week is truly amazing.

Pre-season we would have settled for  decent bowl game-- 8-4 maybe.

But with Golson blooming last night, Manti majestic as always and a running game that Woody Hayes would have been proud of as it crashed and battered a dreadful Miami defense, this Notre Dame team is for real.
Kelly has them playing out of their skins but Bob  Diaco has produced a defense that is truly fearsome out of thin air

Remember the fears about the secondary?

Well three minutes into last night's game that seemed a real possibility as Miami seemed ready to shred that defense.

Only dropped passes prevented an early Miami lead.

But Diaco and his merry men adjusted and held the potent offense to a mere field goal. It was no contest after that.

Notre Dame is for real and, incredibly,  a national championship is a real possibility.