Tiger Woods may have apologized for his multiple affairs but support for him remains scant amongst Irish golfers. Padraig Harrington said today that he and his colleagues have more sympathy for Elin Nordegren than for the disgraced golfer.

"I don't think there is sympathy,” Harrington told the Sunday Independent.

“As he said himself, he was totally in charge and in control of what he was doing. He has responsibility for that.

"There would be sympathy for Elin, sympathy for the kids going forward but no, you can't have sympathy for Tiger like that. No," he said.

Harrington added that in retrospect Woods’ personal chaos had been evident on the golfing green over the past 18 months.

“He did become irritable on the golf course,” Harrington said, “and that is usually a sign that there is not much balance off the course."

On Friday Woods delivered a 14-minute public apology at a hotly debated press conference, where he apologized to his wife, his business partners, his friends and everyone he works with. Woods admitted, “Many of you have supported me... Now every one of you has reason to be critical of me.”

This certainly seems the view of Harrington. The Irish golf star sniffed at the idea Woods might not be fully responsible for his own actions. "He does have the control,” he asserted in the Sunday Independent.

“Yes, his life has issues in it but at the end of the day he has some very, very good points to his life. It all balances out. Yes, there are pressures there, there are external focuses and often, if you don't work with those focuses, if you don't enjoy the external pressures or at least in some way embrace them, it would be difficult to play good golf."

Tiger Woods apologizes.