Irish rugby second row Donncha O’Callaghan believes that abstinence may be the secret to success on the field. In fact, he's so convinced of it he told the press this week that he swears by it.

"We normally stay away from our partners when we are in the Irish camp and to be fair, we play like dogs with rabies when we go out," O'Callaghan said on the Ray D’Arcy show on Today FM this week.

"We are like men possessed and I think it’s not a bad way to go – abstaining could be the future."

It's an idea that the Irish soccer squad under Giovanni Trapattoni are rumored to be contemplating before the Euro games next summer. Wives and girlfriends will be welcome, but only after matches.

"There is time for the family and wife, but it is important to work on the job of playing football," Trapattoni told the press.


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