There was no decision taken Monday about whether or not Meath will offer opponents Louth a Leinster Senior Football Championsihp Final re-match yesterday after Sunday’s game saw Meath win the title through an illegitimate last-minute score which even the referee has now conceded shouldn’t have been allowed.

Despite several meetings and a flurry of media interest in the affair there was no concrete news. Several meetings were held throughout the day by Meath’s senior management.

”We have discussed a lot of things but the Management Committee has made no decision," said Meath Chairman Berney Allen, "We want a bit of time as we discuss other matters on it."

Rumour has it that the players voted in favour of offering Meath a rematch but that manager Eamonn O’Brien and chairman Barney Allen were opposed to that idea.

Meanwhile, GAA chairman Pádraig O’Connor has called on the GAA to incorporate the use of TV replays into the rule book to prevent a repeat of the controversial goal which handed Meath victory last Sunday.

"I believe that, in this technology world we live in, the GAA needs to start showing a lead by using technology to resolve these situations. We are living in the past if we don’t," he said.

Although only snippets of the referee’s report into the match have been made available to the press and general public, it’s known that the referee admitted that it was a wrong decision to allow the goal.

An irate Louth manager told local radio of his disappointment with the result: "If we had been beaten by 10 points we would walk away and say the best team won and, in fairness, Meath did win officially but it has to be seen to work. The bigger moral picture is: was natural justice served? I don’t believe it was."