Charlie Weis officially named Nick Tausch as placekicker for the upcoming season.

“Field goal is going to be Tausch, kick off guy is also going to be Tausch,” confirmed the Notre Dame head coach on Monday.

Weis confirmed that Tausch had won his place by dominating the place kicking competition.

“He won the competition rater significantly. Statistically, we just tracked every kick, every entire kick for the entire spring, and he won it fairly convincingly.

"The one thing besides a strong leg, he has great pop he has great elevation, which is one of the reasons he is also the kick off guy.

"A lot lour of our kicks off have been landing about the goal time, but because they are getting such great hang time, even if they are not five yards deep, when they are up in the air for a long time, it gives the kick off team an opportunity to be down there on top of them.

"He has done a nice job and it was pretty good competition, Brandon (Walker) was the incumbent and he beat him out and Ryan (Burkhart) was the kick off guy and he beat him out.

"For a freshman to come in and win both spots so convincingly means that he has done a heck of a job."

Tausch arrived at Notre Dame from the Jesuit High School in Dallas, Texas. In his senior year at High School, the 180 pound 6-foot-1 one kicker was on the Dallas Morning News Top 100 list for players in the area.

Weis announced this decision early so that his team could get used to practice drills with Tausch as the place kicker and kick off starter, in order to accustom themselves to his cadence and rhythm of kicking as the first game draws near.