The revelation that Jets coach Rex Ryan has a major foot fetish may spell a major de-feet fro the Jets coach.

His enemies, and there are many, may use this to get him fired.

This season for the Jets was weird enough already with off field antics by the likes of Braylon Edwards and the tripping incident by the special teams coach.

But now comes the s(c)andal that could get Ryan booted.

Let's face it what he does with his private life is his own business.

But when he puts it up on You Tube and on an alternative sex site then he must know he runs the risk of having it revealed.

That's the stupid part here, not the fetish.

Ryan is one of the most high profile coaches in football.

He revels in publicity but must know that everything he does is watched and reported on.

And making a fetish sex tape and taking it public is the dumbest thing you could do.

So if Rex gets fired he only has himself to blame.

He has just given a leg up to all his enemies.