After a triumphant Super Bowl game on Sunday against the New England Patriots, the New York Giants will return to a mile long, ticker-tape, confetti filled parade up the Canyon of Heroes on Broadway.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg told ABC news “Big Blue gave us a game to remember, and on Tuesday we're going to give them a parade to remember”.

Bloomberg estimates about one million New Yorkers will turn-out to welcome the team home, one-third of them travelling from outside the city. On Monday, 250 fans got tickets to the festivities in City Hall. Another 50,000 people entered sweepstakes for a place in the ceremony.

For almost a century New York has honored their heroes in this iconic manner.

The city has much to celebrate after this weekend. The Super Bowl brought an economic impact of $38 million to New York City.

Sunday’s Super Bowl was one of the most exciting showdowns in memory, with the Giants' last-minute win (21-17) over the Patriots. The victorious team will be showered with 30 tons of confetti before arriving in the Met Life stadium in New Jersey at 3pm for a rally.

This is the second victory parade for the Giants in four years. They beat the Patriots in the NFL title game in 2008.

The tradition of New York’s ticker-tape parade began in 1919 with the return of World War I General John Pershing and his troops. Since then there have been more than 200 parades honoring big names, such as Charles Lindbergh, Albert Einstein, Pope John Paul, South African leader Nelson Mandela and pianist Van Cliburn.


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