Ladies Semi Finals

Na Fianna 2-14 Cavan 1-14

In the first three minutes Na Fianna had 1-01 on the board and it was a lead that they lost but were able to regain with a strong second half showing when they used a rousing start to again open up the lead. Aoife Herbert had the goal in the third minute but Cavan then replied with 1-06 to 0-01 over the next twelve minutes. Denise McKenna finished the goal well when she took a long ball from Linda McKeon and finished to the net. Na Fianna replied almost immediately with a goal of their own Herbert’s second of the day and they were level pegging as the half arrived 2-07 to 1-10. In a low scoring second half in comparison Na Fianna added five of the first seven scores. Aine Dwyer kicked three but the score by Emer Considine was tremendous as she soloed fifty yards riding tackles before slotting over. Cavan had a penalty saved with ten minutes left and had opportunities as Na Fianna had two players in the sin bin. All they could get however was points from Davey and McKenna that were cancelled out by Dwyer and Sullivan as Na Fianna held on for the win.

Cavan 1 Nora Kilkenny 2 Catherina Raferty 3 Nicola O’Reilly 4 Caroline McBrien 5 Ashley Callery 6 Hazel Kingham (0-01)7 Katie McEvoy 8 Linda McKeon (0-01)9 Maraid Ruane 10 Alisa Jordon 11 Lindsay Davey (0-06)12 Rosie O’Reilly (0-01) 13 Nicola King 14 Denise McKenna (1-04)15 Kelly Donaghue Subs Mary Hanley

Na Fianna 1 Alison Leydon 2 Bridget Judd 3 Cathriona Lynch 4 Imelda Mullarkey 5 Stephanie Tierney 6 Kathryn Sullivan (0-02)7 Shannon Spillane 8 Aine Dwyer (0-05) 9 Fiona Dwyer 10 Kelly McCormack 11 Brianna Tierney (0-02)12 Emer Considine (0-01)13 Aoife Herbert (2-01)14 Mary O’Rourke (0-01)15 Natasha Barnwell (0-02)

Player of the game Kathryn Sullivan (Na Fianna)

Second half wins it for KD

Kerry/Donegal 2-15 Fermanagh 3-08

 Kerry/Donegal used a dominating second half to get the win and a place in the final versus Na Fianna. They withstood a three goal salvo in the first half and held Fermanagh to just two points in the second half. It was 3-06 to 0-09 on the strength of the three goals that arrived in a three minute burst in the middle of the first half. The impressive play of Marie Dargan and Denise Dunnion kept the winners in the game. While Fermanagh had two of the first five points of the second half that was to be the extent of their scoring. They were over run by Kerry/Donegal who drew level with a goal by Dargan and then pulled ahead with points from Tennyson and Dargan again.

Fermanagh 1 Leah Mulherne 2 Anne Marie Kelly 3 Roisin Toner 4 Naimh Freil 5 Siobhan McCourt 6 Tracy McCullough 7 Kerry McGinley 8 Caitlin Slattery 9 Sarah Donnelly 10 Maeve Redmond (1-02) 11 Claire McElroy 12 Loretta Cunningham (0-01) 13 Megan McNeilus (0-03)14 Aislinn Gormally (2-01)15 Caroline Murphy (0-01)

Kerry/Donegal 1 Roisin McCafferty 2 Naimh Britton 3 Collette McElligott 4 Fiona Shultz 5 Michelle McVann 6 Louise Lilly 7 Amanda McGovern 8 Olive McCafferty 9 Mareid Tennyson (0-03) 10 Michelle Dowd 11 Anita McKenna (0-01) 12 Collette McGoldrick 13 Denise Dunnion (0-05) 14 Marie Dargan (2-05) 15 Kelly Roche

{Player of the Game Marie Dargan (Kerry/Donegal)

Cavan win easy

Senior Football

Cavan 2-11 Cork 0-08

The first half was completely dominated by Cavan. They were ahead 0-08 to 0-02 at the end of play with Eoin Ward and Graham Guilfoyle very impressive. Eoghan Carew was also doing a lot of work in the middle while Rory Stafford and Mickey Leneghan who had an excellent point were Corks best. Cavan added a goal immediately following the restart with the goal coming after a defensive mistake. Cork did have their best period in the minutes after with five points on the trot but they were always playing catch-up. Cavan added a goal at the end to pad their easy victory.

Cavan 1 Gavin Joyce 2 Ronan McGinley 3 Ciaran Shields 4 Ciaran Martin 5 Paul Lambe 6 Mike Higgins 7 Sean Kelly 8 Eoghan Carew (0-02)9 Paddy McCullough (0-01) 10 Frankie Barry 11 Graham Guilfoyle (1-02)12 Eoin Ward (0-03)13 Ryan O’Hare (1-02)14 Michael Kennedy 15 James Connolly (0-01)Subs Eoghan Kyne,

 Cork 1 Darren O’Mahoney 2 Denis McCarthy 3 Gary Hanley 4 Rory Stafford 5 Eoin Dillon (0-01)6 Alan Raferty 7 Eoin McHugh (0-01)8 Aiden Walsh 9 Gary Lowney 10 Francie Cleary (0-01)11 Jason Kelly 12 Peter Hatzer (0-01)13 Mickey Lenaghan (0-02) 14 Tom Hardwick 15 Gerald McCarthy (0-02)15 Peter Hatzer (0-02)

Referee John Fitzpatrick

Man of the Match Graham Guilfoyle (Cavan)

Dublin in a struggle

Dublin 1-09 Armagh 1-05

The first half was painstakingly slow to get going. After twenty minutes it was still only 0-02 to 0-01 in favor of the Dubs courtesy of Declan Reilly who fired over both. Armagh did have a screaming shot from Calon O’Hanlon go wide before the contest finally took life in the last eight minutes. Reilly had his third point before Richie Morgan had a score in reply. That came after a non free for Dublin when Chris Corrigan looked to be fouled and the ball was quickly moved to the other end by Armagh. Coughlin and Maloney added to the Dublin total while Caolan Short with a point replied for Armagh to leave the half time score 5 to 3 for Dublin. Armagh came into the game after a 1-01 reply to two Dublin scores to open the second half. Brian Stokes had the net shaker After Patton with a long drive and Reilly with a point from play tagged on scores it was Dublin 0-08 Armagh 1-05. A long ball on 20 minutes into Declan Reilly was flicked to the inrushing Hatzer and he gave the Armagh keeper no chance. This was followed by a John Maloney [point for the four point win. For now. After the game both sides were being asked for I D cards so this result may be subject to change.

Dublin 1 Ray Hennessy 2 Colm Larkin 3 Adam Keaney 4 Fergal Powell 5 Sean Gibney 6 William Forkan 7 Ciaran McHugh 8 Andy Gray 9 Peter Keaney 10 Nick McKeown 11 Naill Coughlin (0-01)12 Jonathon Maloney (0-02)13 Cathel Hatzer (1-01) 14 Declan Reilly (0-04)15 Mikey Henderson Subs Chris Corrigan

Armagh 1 Alan Hearty 2 Patsy Martin 3 John Cunningham 4 Stuart Stokes 5 John Lynch 6 Kevin McGeeney 7 Brian Stokes (1-00)8 Paddy King 9 Brian Patton (0-02)10 Ronan Quelly 11 Seamus McDaid 12 Caolan Short (0-02)13 Richie Morgan (0-01) 14 Calon O’Hanlon 15 Aiden Morton

Referee Tommy Fahey

Man of the Match Declan Reilly (Dublin)

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