Celtics had it all too easy as six players hit the scoreboard in easy fashion and the NY side moved forward in the League Cup competition.

Liam Carthy and Richie Morgan were the scorers in chief with Carthy firing four long range efforts while live wire Morgan was clinical inside. It was Young Irish American Dylan O’Neill who got the side rolling however with a pair of goals in the first ten minutes.

By the break it was 3-08 to 0-02 with corner forward Steve O’Donnell getting the third. Roscommon did have their best portion of the shortened contest late in the second half when they had four of the final six points but it was more to the fact that Captain Sam Yore’s Celtics had taken their foot of the gas at this point. 

Celtics 1 Kevin McArdle 2 Sam Yore 4 5 Keith Lang 6 Eoin Loughnane (0-01)7 Gerry Farrell 8 Kevin McGeeney (0-02)9 Conor Skeffington 10 Kenny Cox 11 Liam Carthy (0-04) 12 Dylan O’Neill (2-00) 13 Richie Morgan (1-06)15 Steve O’Donnell (1-01)

Roscommon 1 Conor Kieveney 2 Cathel Gleason 4 Sean O’Donaghue 5 Rob Lowry 6 Dan Gardiner 7 Kevin Greenan    8 Vinnie Gavin (0-02)9 Brendan O’Donaghue 10 Jamie Stones (0-01) 11 Rob Gaynor (0-03)12 Shane Beirne 13 Andy O’Connor (0-01) 15 Pat Kenny 

Referee Peter McCormack

Man of the Match Richie Morgan (Celtics)

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