Chad Ochocinco:
The talk that Ochocinco would be cut before the preseason to send a message to the locker room was and is crazy. Firstly Bill Belichick values his draft picks too much to do that and secondly Ochocinco is too good to be cut before the season has even started. Ochocinco is not an elite receiver any more but he is a very good player still. He does not pose a consistent deep threat but he runs expert routes and has great upper body strength with reliable hands. He will be a perfect fit in the Patriots' offense.

Wes Welker:
Welker had a poor season by his standards last year. However he had a good season considering he was coming off of an ACL tear at the end of the previous year. Welker should outperform his statistics from last season and once again be a threat to defenders rather than just a possession receiver.

Deion Branch:
Deion Branch and Chad Ochocinco will be tough for secondaries to match up to while still manning Wes Welker. Branch will likely be the man left in single coverage and should take advantage of the opportunities that come his way because of that. Branch would be a more than capable third choice receiver on any team in the league. He may be a veteran but his age won't hinder his performances on the field.

Brandon Tate:
Brandon Tate's effectiveness on special teams will likely be majorly reduced by the NFL's new kickoff rules. Tate could be the x-factor for this group as he has the best potential to be a consistent deep threat. Stretching the field is going to be a major issue in Boston for the coming season.