Following on from my previous article that stated the Patriots' need for a new receiver, this is the first in a series that will look at potential targets for the team.

Name: Santonio Holmes

Age: 27 (5 years in the NFL)

Height: 5-11

Weight: 192

Notes: Former first round pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Super Bowl Champion.
Super Bowl MVP.

Santonio Holmes is the best receiver available after his contract with the New York Jets came to an end this offseason. Holmes may not be what most fans are hoping for because he is not a Randy Moss type of receiver. Other players like Sidney Rice and Braylon Edwards have the ability to stretch the field and are better in jump ball situations but neither is as talented as Holmes.

Despite it not being his specialty, Holmes can consistently stretch opposing defenses and make big receptions. He led the whole league in 2007 with 18.1 yards per reception. Holmes would be a great piece for the Patriots to add to their offense because he brings the much needed deep threat and big play explosion on the outside while not sacrificing anything.

Holmes can run any route asked of him and is brilliant with the ball in his hands. His elusiveness makes him a deadly punt returner but his knack for turning five yard slants into fifty yard touchdown receptions is what makes him special.

Holmes brings all the explosion that the Patriots are looking for while also adding another reliable pair of hands to pluck Tom Brady's passes from the air. At 5-11 he is not the tallest of receivers but he does have a great wingspan and can catch the ball in any situation.

Even though Holmes' former team, and the Patriots' division rival, New York Jets will be making a big offer to Holmes, he has already stated that he will go to whoever offers him the best deal. The Patriots will no doubt be willing to spend this offseason after not being able to upgrade the position in the draft.