It's that time of the season. The time when two weeks feels like two months. No football fan enjoys the bye week, but for the New England Patriots franchise, they'll be delighted to have it. The Patriots enter the bye week after a convincing victory over the St. Louis Rams in London, so are happy to avoid playing a game this weekend after enduring so much travel.

That serves as little comfort to the thousands, maybe millions, of fans across the world who want to watch their team today. Instead of watching the Patriots, you can do many things. You could cut the grass, clean the windows, walk the dog, go to the gym or...heaven knows...take the wife/girlfriend out to dinner. But since all of those tasks sound incredibly boring and completely unrelated to the Patriots, instead you could sit inside and watch the rest of the NFL. Except, do so with your favourite team in mind.

Here is a guide of how to watch the bye week as a Patriots fan.

  • Laugh at the Bills: The Buffalo Bills are a division 'rival' for the Patriots and they travel to Houston to face the Texans at 1 o'clock today. The last time a team from the AFC East travelled to Houston, they were beaten by 30 points to 10...and that was the Miami Dolphins on opening day. Against the Bills the Texans might score 60! And not to mention, the Bills come to Foxboro next week...
  • Root Against Peyton Manning: Even though the Texans have been arguably the best team in the AFC this year(duh!..Not including the Patriots), the team Patriots fans should really want to see lose is the Denver Broncos. The Patriots beat the Broncos back in Week 5, fairly easily too I might add, but Manning has improved every week as the season has unfolded. By the time they meet again in the playoffs, it could be a very different story. Right now the Broncos look like the Patriots biggest test in the AFC.
  • Support John Skelton for the Day: Now this is one for the hardcore Patriots fans. The fans who really want to commit themselves to loving their team. If you are going to support John Skelton for the day, you must go all in and not half-ass it. Why would you support Skelton? Well, to further your appreciation of Tom Brady of course. For one day, the whole day so you an fully understand the bereavement that Cardinals' fans must overcome each week, you must support Skelton and live through every bad decision, misplaced pass and misdiagnosed defense. If you found it hard to watch Matt Cassel all those years ago, Skelton is an even greater test.
  • Support Matt Cassel for the Day: Of course, you'd have to rewind and watch the Kansas City Chiefs-San Diego Chargers game from Thursday night, but the effect would be the same.
  • Watch, in awe of, Andrew Luck: If you've been following the Patriots, you likely haven't had a chance to watch the rookie phenom yet this year. You really should. Luck has been absolutely outstanding in Indianapolis, despite not receiving the same acclaim as Robert Griffin III. You may as well watch Luck and admire him now, because you'll likely be despising him as a rival for a very long time in the near future. Also, you can support the Colts against the Dolphins at the same time.
  • Reminisce with the Chicago Bears: It's been a tough past few years watching the New England Patriots defense. Having a group of seemingly mindless, young individuals who don't know how to help each other win is atypical of what fans learned to love at the beginning of the century. Nowadays it is painful to watch the Patriots go to work, but the Chicago Bears are re-enacting the ways of those old Belichickian units. The Bears currently have the best defense in the NFL, and it is built on a group of highly intelligent veterans who love to create turnovers. Sounds kind of familiar...kind of.
  • Guarantee Yourself a Melancholy Result: In the evening games, there isn't much choice really. You could watch two less-than-stellar NFC teams go at it or enjoy the calamity that is sure to be the Buccaneers and Raiders matchup. However, instead you could watch the Pittsburgh Steelers-New York Giants matchup and both cheer and jeer every single play.
  • Ride the Romocoaster: This one doesn't even need an explanation. You know you'll watch the late game in Atlanta just for the Tony and Dez show.