Celtic manager Neil Lennon is more determined than ever to stay at the helm at Parkhead despite receiving a bomb package in the mail.

Lennon said: "Anyone in any walk of life shouldn't have to deal with something like this.

"It is uncomfortable, you see your face every hour on the news and after a while you start thinking 'is that me they are talking about?' And I had to deal with that on the day of a very important game [against Kilmarnock].

"I'd like to thank the police for all their briefings and the professionalism they have shown and the security they have given me over the last week. They have been absolutely fantastic and made life as easy as possible under the circumstances.

"I've had this for 10 years but I don't want to say you get used to it because you never do. It's been with me during my time as a player, my time as a coach and my time as a manager. But it is not going to deter me from doing what I want to do.

"For me this is the greatest privilege in my life to manage this football club, and the support I've had from the fans and my close family and friends has been my strength."

Asked if this would have happened at any club other than Celtic, the Northern Irishman replied: "It wouldn't, no. And it's not because it's my aggressive behaviour on the pitch any more.

"A lot was said about that when I played and I think you all know the reasons why these things are happening now.

"It's good that people are talking about it, and we will get something done about it."