Let's go Celtics. Let's go Celtics.

The chant rang out in TD Garden as the Boston Celtics fell to a 19-point loss in Game 6 against the Miami Heat. Lebron James' dominant display ensured that the Boston crowd knew their side had lost the close-out game minutes before the final moments.

While the Celtics couldn't close out the series in front of their home crowd, and in turn guarantee a place in the NBA Finals, they still have a chance to overcome the Heat in Miami tonight.

If the Celtics want to disperse the disturbing feeling of inevitable doom that came with that chant at the end of Game 6, then they have to once again upset the odds against a heavily favored home side. Most interpreted that chant as a goodbye to the big three era, but the big three have never been willing to simply accept their perceived fate.

This season in itself has had setback after setback for the Celtics while the big three are essentially playing on borrowed time as it is, in the fifth year of a three year plan.

Extending their Championship credentials into this year, the Celtics have relied on passion, determination and simply desire. Talent doesn't work alone ever in the NBA, but it certainly can't carry teams when that talent is in the bodies of late thirty somethings.

Throughout the playoffs, the Celtics have shown that passion and desire to will themselves to victory. That passion and desire was lost in Game 6 against the Heat however.

With the way Lebron James performed that night, it likely wouldn't have mattered what the Celtics did. They simply had no chance of winning that game. James has the highest scoring average in NBA Game 7 history with 36 points per game.

That does not mean that the Celtics have no chance tonight in Florida.

According to Las Vegas, the Celtics are eight point underdogs, but nobody can really justify the expectations for the era of the Big Three to end on a whimper. Paul Pierce has had a torrid series shooting the basketball and with foul trouble trying to defend James.

Pierce has always been the man for the big occasion and will be expecting a big performance tonight. With Kevin Garnett also exuding that passion on every single play, and Ray Allen not exactly being a passive player, the Celtics will force the Heat to earn their way to the NBA Finals where the Oklahoma City Thunder lie in wait.

This isn't the time for talking. This isn't the time for Good Jobs or Good Efforts. This is the time to win.

Win or go home.

This is Game 7.

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