Nate Montana will be playing for Montana.

It became official yesterday with the news that Montana, son of the legendary Joe, had transferred from Notre Dame to Montana State a Division IAAA team.

It brings to an end a fairy tale where Joe's son could rise up and lead Notre Dame like his dad did.

He briefly made it to No. 2 on the depth chart but faded, lacking his father's presence and incredible ability.

Nate's one chance to wake up the echoes was when he was pitched into the game against Michigan this year and it ended in failure and he never saw real playing time again.

It was always a long shot that Montana, who had left Notre Dame previously to attend junior college in California, would ever make it with the Irish but the legend of his father kept his story alive.

However,coach Brian Kelly now has more quarterbacks than he possibly needs and Nate was clearly surplus to requirements.

Pity, because he seemed a good kid and we can only wish him the best in Montana.