Tracing the tumultuous life of the Man Utd player, Dancing Shoes - The George Best Story starts with his childhood, kicking a tennis ball against a wall in Cregagh Estate in Belfast, through to his life of fame and fortune.
George Best was one of the first footballers to gather celebrity status. He had the look and attitude that people celebrated and he took it all to live an extravagant lifestyle.
With his popular party boy status, he developed a strong and ultimately fatal addiction to alcohol. Best's struggle with his addiction was well covered by the media and when he died of multiple organ failure brought on by a kidney infection in 2005, tens of thousands of people attended his funeral in his hometown of Belfast.
Dancing Shoes written by Marie Jones and Martin Lynch. Starring as George Best is former hurler Aidan O'Neill. Aidan was born in Tipperary but brought up in Tyrone.
A spokeswoman for the musical says, “Dancing Shoes is packed with great characters, beautiful songs and trademark Belfast humour.”
Martin Lynch, whose company GBL is producing Dancing Shoes said, "We are delighted to work with local children in whom we hope we can instill our love of writing and acting."
"There have been films, dance pieces and numerous documentaries but we think that we have come up with something really, really special for a stage play," reports UTV.
Directed by Peter Sheridan, the show will also star Belfast women Alana Kerr, Kerri Quinn, Maria Connolly as well as Paddy Jenkins, Conor Grimes, Matthew McElhinney, Marty Maguire and Packy Lee.
UTV have been following the progress of the George Best musical and will be broadcasting the first of four documentaries in July.

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