Celtic manager Tony Mowbray has revealed that Neil Lennon’s role within the club will be crucial in the initial stages of his tenure at Parkhead especially as the new manager gets to know the players.

Lennon was part of Gordon Strachan’s backroom team during the last couple of years and created a vital link between himself, the players and the manager, however with the arrival of Peter Grant and Mark Venus, the new Celtic boss admitted Lennon’s role will ‘evolve’ over a period of time.

“I’ve had a good, long chat with Neil,” said Mowbray. “And what I’ve said to Neil is let’s get back to work and for me it’s a situation that will evolve.

“I’m happy for Neil to continue in a very similar role that he’s been doing – to help me, guide me on the training ground with the personalities of the players.

“I think it’s important to get off on the right foot with footballers, I’ve got to understand what makes them tick and I know within a dressing room of 25 or 30 footballers you’ve got some who will do anything for you, some will be pretty moody and there will be some who will sulk.

“I’ve got to understand their personalities very, very quickly and Neil will be invaluable to give me an insight to that.

“And as we move on, his role will evolve really into where he goes and what he does, but as we go into the start of pre-season, Neil will be very much part of the staff alongside Mark Venus and Peter Grant who will be joining us as a team.”

However, Mowbray believes he has the right blend in his backroom staff, especially with Grant’s experience in The Premiership.

He added: “He is a very thorough guy, a very professional guy.

“I remember as a player he always wanted things done correctly and properly and he brings that to his coaching.

“He’s very prepared, very organized, and very thorough and I think the balance of the staff is something that I think works and is right.

“The balance of the personalities – myself, Mark and Peter bring different ingredients to the chemistry required in the dressing room.

“You’ve got to man-manage everybody and if you have 30 footballers, you have got to have different personalities to manage different personalities.

“Some need a joke and a laugh, others need a stern voice and put back in line and others need to know there is some support there for them.

“And I think the three personalities of the immediate staff have still got to get to know Neil in depth, but I’m sure he will also bring the qualities required to make sure that the dressing room stays very focused and in a winning frame of mind.”