Wide-receiver John Goodman is set to fill the position being vacated by Michael Floyd on Notre Dame’s football team. Floyd will be heading for the NFL, leaving Goodman, a fifth year senior, to take his place.

The Bleacher Reporter
discusses the new opportunity for Goodman with The Fighting Irish. Though Floyd’s impressive performance will be missed by Notre Dame, John Goodman, by all accounts, looks to be the man for the job.

Brian Kelly, head coach for Notre Dame football, has his eyes set on Goodman to take Floyd’s spot. Kelly said to ESPN “He [Goodman] has stepped up his game considerably, and he's got a ways to go, but I expect him to do really big things for us. He's fast—he's one of the fastest guys on the team. He's got length. He can play taller than the average defensive back. I think more than anything else is just consistency with John. He's going to have a really fine year for us.”

Though Goodman’s performance in the fall left more to be desired, the entire coaching staff believes in the player’s potential. Offensive coordinator Chuck Martin told Fortuna, "I always saw ability. We try to cover—he's hard to cover. We cover good receivers on a lot of teams and Goody, our defensive backs are like, "The kid's a good player.' I watched him, I'm like, 'God, he can run, he's tall, he can start, he can stop, he runs great routes.'

Martin added that “A lot of it is probably just senior, this is my last go-round. But just the emphasis that you can be a really effective player on our offense and play a ton and catch a lot of balls, but that's up to you. We'd love it to be you, but we'll find somebody else that's going to be consistent if you're not going to be consistent. So he's really done a nice job.”

While there’s no doubt alot of expectation is now being thrust upon Goodman, his new role for the Fighting Irish should help soothe the sting of Floyd leaving.

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