The men in green got their revenge on France last night .

No, it wasn't Ireland but the green-clad Mexican side who hurled Les Cheats out of the World Cup on a 2-0 scoreline which was celebrated from Tijuana to Tipperary .

Via Mexico. Au Revoir Les Cheats.

Les Cheats are now hanging on by their dishonest fingernails and need a huge victory over South Africa in order to qualify on goal difference.

That will not happen, especially as Uruguay and Mexico only need to play to a draw to both go through.

What could be sweeter than the two South American sides taking it easy while France sweats against the host nation to no avail?

The wonder is that this pathetic French side even qualified for the World Cup, albeit on a blatantly illegal hand ball.

They played in the 2006 World Cup final but are a ghost of that team. The Irish achievement in almost eliminating them looks less impressive given their awful form at this World Cup.

They are riven by disputes, have no respect for the manager and clearly have no idea what they are doing.

Arch cheat Thierry Henry is a shadow of his former self and I like to think it has to do with his evident shame at how he got France to the World Cup finals.

Meanwhile the pizza boys back home were busy in Ireland.

A major pizza chain there had promised free pizzas every time someone scored against France.

I believe they were kept very busy.

With a bit of luck the French will be pasted with tomatoes by angry fans as Italian sides who failed miserably were in the past were when they arrived home from the World Cup.

Meanwhile, we owe the Mexicans a debt of gratitude.

Another Dos Equis there bartender, and a few frogs legs as you are at it.