The Meath Gaelic fooball team appears about ready to blow an incredible opportunity to show the world what fair play is about.

During last Sunday's Leinster Football Final Meath were awarded a last second goal which even the referee now accepts was an illegal score.

A video of the goal clearly shows that Meath forward Joe Sheridan (pictured above) threw the ball into the net, illegal in Gaelic football.

The 'goal' ensured they beat their rivals Louth by two points, thereby ending Louth's dream of winning their first Leinster title since 1957.

Louth fans were so angry that they tried to physically attack the referee afterwards and he barely escaped without serious injury.

So incredible has been the reaction to the fake goal however, that Meath are now on the spot to give Louth a replay with every major commentator demanding it.

However, the Meath officials meeting on Monday night pushed the issue down the road by asking for more time to consider what they need to do.

They don't need more time. It is as clear as night and day.

After watching France defeat Ireland by an illegal goal, and numerous illegal actions by teams during the World Cup Meath could strike a blow for decency and honesty in sport by allowing a replay.

Unlike in soccer, there is precedent in Gaelic Games for allowing an event to happen.

But Meath seem unlikely to grant the request.

If so they are blowing a golden opportunity by making it clear that honor and decency comes before glory at all costs.

WIl Meath take the opportunity to strike a blow for integrity in sport?

Let's hope. So.

There will be no luck for them ala World cup France if they decide not to.