Rory Mcllroy’s bad day yesterday almost got a lot worse after an inquiry took place into an incident in the bunker at the 18th.

Mcllroy endured a horrible last couple of holes Friday, with a double bogey on 16 and a triple bogey on 18.

On the last Mcllroy hit a shot into bunker.  After failing to get out at the first attempt, Mcllroy kicked the sand in frustration.  The teenager got out of the hazard with the next shot and took 7 shots on the last.

Mcllroy finished his round at 4.15 pm but was called back at 8.40 to the clubhouse to look at footage of the incident.

An inquiry ensued, but four hours later Mcllroy was given the green light to continue for the weekend.

Fred Ridley, Augusta National competitions committee chairman, released this statement:

"A question was raised regarding Rory McIlroy's actions.

"The Rules of Golf (13-4) prohibit a player from testing the condition of a hazard before playing a stroke in the hazard.

"The decisions interpreting the rule state that kicking the ground in the hazard constitutes testing the condition.

"However, the rules allow the player to smooth sand or soil in the hazard after making a stroke provided that, with regard to his next stroke, nothing is done to improve the position or lie of his ball, the area of his intended swing, his line of play or a reasonable extension of his line beyond the hole or the area in which he is drop or place a ball.

"At the request of the committee McIlroy returned to the club at approximately 8.40pm, met with the committee and reviewed the CBS tape.

"Based on the tape and Mr McIlroy's statement of what had taken place after he played the shot it was determined that no violation of the rules had occurred."