From July 20 to July 24, the Massachusetts Premier Soccer Club (MPS) will host a player identification camp for first to third generation Irish-American youth soccer players between the ages of 13 and 17. 

The Irish National Team Player Identification Camp is available to boys and girls who have the desire to play for Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland national teams. The camp and its events will take place at Worcester Academy in Worcester, Mass.

 “The ultimate goal is to identify players who can compliment and strengthen the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland national sides,” said MPS Residential Camp Director Darren Gallagher. “MPS has previously identified former Renegades first team player M.T. McDonnell who has since progressed to the Republic of Ireland women’s full national team.”

MPS will welcome representatives from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland soccer teams as they run the rigorous five-day training camp. Players will participate in both individual and team-specific training situations as scouts will be on hand to assess the ability of the players.

 “We are delighted to aid the search for potential youth national team players for both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland,” said Gallagher. “There is a great deal of excitement for Irish scouts to tap into the previously untouched Irish-American talent pool.”

The Worcester Academy’s 19th-century architecture and modern additions and renovations give the campus a charming atmosphere. Along with the Union Hill campus, the Academy has plenty of available facilities, including the Gaskill Field complex and the recently developed New Balance Fields.

The normal price to attend the camp is $550, but the first 20 players who sign up will be able to pay the earl-bird price of $500.

For more information on the Irish Player Identification Camp please contact Kevin Aylett on 781-891-6900 ext. 40 or