Manchester United's Wayne Rooney has been letting his temper get away from him. Rooney offered to fight a fan who abused him on Twitter. The footballer said "I'll put u asleep in 10 seconds". He also told the fan to come down to the training grounds to see him.

The International football player now faces disciplinary action from the Football Association (FA) who have fined other players for their remarks on the site.

Rooney reacted having been called "a fat whore" and an "ugly lil nonse" by the fan online. The football player replied with "I will put you asleep within 10 seconds hope u turn up if u don't gonna tell everyone ur scared u little nit. I'll be waiting."

Later the 25-year-old player dismissed the argument and played it down as "a bit of banter" and said "people go nuts chill all people".

Professor of Culture, Media and Sport at Staffordshire University, Ellis Cashmore said "Even if this is banter, it is a very public discourse and a private conversation that is being monitored by thousands of people."

Speaking to the Daily Mail the professor said "It is imprudent banter and very irresponsible and not the behavior you would expect from a professional footballer.

"He's essentially offering him out and even if its said in jest, sometimes that is a tone hard to convey over the web. Instead in could incite rival fans.

"But he is a single-minded individual who will just say anything. Tell him to do something and he will do the opposite.

"He is the kind of character who will willfully defy people and that is part of who he is and what makes him a one-of-a-kind player who we will never see the likes of again.'"

Wayne Rooney