Republic of Ireland and Man United soccer star John O’Shea, who suffered a dead leg in the  World Cup play-off exit against France, has bounced back to full fitness. The 29 year old missed five months and 31 games but returned in August to make his mark as a senior player.

"I knew when I started the season that if I was playing I had to take my chance and really grasp it," O'Shea told the press this week. "Also I had to enjoy every minute of it because you know with the competition we have at the club it is a real battle to stay there."

O'Shea added: "The key when you have been out with an injury, particularly long term like I was, is to play as many games as you can. Once you get five, six or seven games into it you are soon over your fatigue and I am well past that now. The tiredness soon goes once you get games under your belt. You have to prepare and get back mentally sharp and that returns quickly once you are into the fray.

“The key for me was that I actually got myself back fit towards the end of the season. I wasn’t 100 per cent but I was close enough. Then I had to stay fit during pre-season. Once I was able to do that I felt great. I didn’t do too much in the summer. I have always used the off season as a chance to recuperate. That applies even when you have been injured because believe me it is not a jolly up when you are coming back from injury.

O'Shea concluded: “The reason why Manchester United has been successful is that we have a fantastic squad and the manager will rotate and put people in and take ones out when needed. That will always be the case and we have to get used to it. But it has been good to start in the side.”