Manchester United player, Patrica Evra, has said that that Wayne Rooney will once again establish himself as one of the world’s best players after his prolonged absence due to an ankle injury.

Evra has pledged to fully support the striker as he reestablishes himself.

Rooney, an England international, has not scored a goal in the Premiere League since March this year. This year has also seen injuries, personal problems, a poor World Cup and controversial and much publicized contract negotiations. All of this was a precursor to his long awaited comeback to Manchester United on Sunday.

Evra spoke following the close 2-0 Man U victory over the nine-men Wigan team. He said despite the recent issues it was good to have him back on the team.

"It was very good to see him back, We are all going to help him get back to his best and scoring goals for United again,” he said.

"With Wayne we don't talk about the past, we just think about the future.  And the future is where he will once again become one of the best players in the world.

"What I said was that the most important thing was the team, not Patrice Evra or Wayne Rooney.

"I never said the players were against him. When someone says they don't trust in the future of United it caused us pain - but it is behind us now."