Former Fighting Irish coach Lou Holtz is damaging the good name of Notre Dame with his appearances on the "Sean Hannity Show" on Fox.

On Monday night, right before Holtz appeared, the Notre Dame fight song was played, making it abundantly clear that Holtz was still seen as part of the Notre Dame family.

The blistering criticism by Holtz of opponents of Arizona's immigration law has to be seen in that light.

To a casual viewer, Holtz appeared to be speaking for the college, or at least in some way to be reflecting the opinion of Notre Dame.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Notre Dame leaders have gone out of their way to reflect diversity on campus and in their charitable work.

Just recently, they agreed to spearhead a pilot program in New York, aimed at bringing Hispanic kids into the Catholic school system.

Statistics show that when Hispanic kids go to Catholic schools they have far higher graduation rates.

This is noble work and reflects the message of Notre Dame far better than a loudmouthed coach playing to the peanut gallery with obvious prejudices.

Lou Holtz has every right to speak out, of course, but Notre Dame should insist that none of the introductions include the fight song, which gives the entirely wrong impression as to who he represents.