Minutes from Baltimore's tourist-friendly Inner Harbor, M&T Bank Stadium hosted an exhibition match between Liverpool and Tottenham.  In a bid to promote the sport, thousands of supporters from several nations gathered last Saturday afternoon.

The temperature reached 92 degrees, with no respite from the heat apart from a gentle, southerly breeze. The stadium - with a reported attendance of 42,273 - filled its bottom two tiers quite comfortably.

Excitement grew between the rival sections as supporters claimed their seats.

Liverpool and Tottenham prepared to kickoff while a stirring rendition of "The Fields of Athenry" played in the background. Liverpool supporters sang in unison as their side played the ball. And though it failed to match the atmosphere at Anfield, the tradition rekindled a devotion between team and supporter. It reaffirmed the cultural notion that a sport can transcend border, creed and race.

Tottenham's section, though small, rallied its side to several near misses throughout the first half.

Gareth Bale, exceedingly brilliant in his attempt, proved a challenge for the Reds' back four.

Hotspurs' goalkeeper Brad Friedel received a thunderous ovation as the only American on either squad. Steven Gerrard and Andy Carroll's substitutions also earned high praise from Liverpool supporters.

The game itself played to a 0-0 draw. Neither side exerted much effort under the circumstances, and probably less so on account of the weather.

After the game, Liverpool’s manager said, "In the heat, you can either sit back and be comfortable or you can be uncomfortable, because success hurts.

"For me today, the players hurt. They got uncomfortable."

Tottenham Hotspur's Kyle Walker, left, and Liverpool FC's Fabio Borini, right, battle for the ballAP