Cyclist Lance Armstrong, who admitted during an interview with Oprah Winfrey that he used steroids, blood boosters and other banned performance-enhancing drugs during his career, is to sell the Texas mansion where he gave the interview.

Local oil and gas businessman, Al Koehler, has been named as the new owner of Armstrong’s property and reportedly took out a $3.1 million loan in order to buy the mansion.

Before his disgraced exit from the sporting world, Armstrong had no intention of leaving his dream home, which he bought in 2004 and spent years renovating with a team of architects. In 2008 he proudly gave an interview and tour of the house to Architectural Digest where he talked of his desire to turn his house into a true family home, the Daily Mail reports. “When their mom and I split, the kids and I moved around a bunch. But that’s over. This time I said, ‘You will graduate from high school in this house. I promise. Dad’s not moving again,’” he told the magazine.

This will no longer be possible as Armstrong has been banned for life from all competitive sports by the U.S Anti-Doping Agency and must sell his mansion to pay for his mistakes.

The house hosted a different type of interview in January 2013 when Armstrong agreed to be questioned by Oprah Winfrey on his abuse of performance-enhancing drugs over his cycling career.

The sale of the 7,850-square-foot mansion, which holds an open kitchen, manicured gardens, a stone staircase, and a pool with a cabana for outdoor entertaining, will go towards paying off the different multi-million dollar lawsuits which various sponsors have taken against him. Armstrong is currently facing a $12 million suit from SCA Promotions and a possible $100 million lawsuit from the Justice Department who may seek three times the amount that the Postal Service paid to sponsor him throughout his career.

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