Robbie Keane will return to the LA Galaxy as planned at the end of February – after Aston Villa failed with a cheeky bid to keep the Irish striker for longer than planned.

Villa boss Alex McLeish will have Keane for just two more games after Galaxy officials insisted he return to America as scheduled.

McLeish has been so impressed with Keane’s form for Villa that he wants to keep the Ireland captain for longer.

He was even hopeful that Keane might stay in England for more games ahead of the Euro 2012 finals in Poland.

But Galaxy bosses have kicked that idea into touch and are adamant that Keane will return to them, as planned, after Villa’s game with Wigan on February 25th.

Keane has already scored three goals in two league starts with Villa and plays against Manchester City in the Premier League this weekend.

Galaxy officials have confirmed that they want Keane to return after the Wigan game to prepare for the new Major Soccer League season which starts on March 10th.


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