Tom Payne, LA Galaxy’s president of business operations, said that Liverpool FC should be excited about the NESV, RedSox owners, taking ownership of the club.
The NESV own the New England Revolution in MLS and have a record of success with the overhaul of the Boston Red Sox.
Speaking to he said “I happened to be over there (in England) for a big convention at the time that was all taking part and we actually spent a little bit of time with a few of the Liverpool top level supporters, the people who run their supporters clubs, and they just can’t ever imagine having a US company involved in their club over there can be good, but if they follow US sports and they know where the (Boston) Red Sox used to be, and the Red Sox are one of the most historic franchises in sports in the United States.
"They were able to stay in their amazing stadium, Fenway Park, but monetize it, build their own sports network – all of those things that John Henry and his group did - and I believe they are going to be able to keep the tradition at Liverpool but we able to take it to the next level. I think it as the best thing to happen to that club.”