Giovanni Trapattoni

Despite being capped over 100 times for Ireland, Kevin Kilbane was let go from the squad in a 30 second phone call by Irish manager Giovanni Trapattoni.

Kilbane recalled his surprise this weekend in the Daily Mail after Wolves player Kevin Foley was deeply angry at similar treatment from Trap.

“Giovanni Trapattoni ended my Republic of Ireland career with a 30-second phone-call. And when he called Kevin Foley into the room to end his Euro 2012 dream, it will have taken just as long.
And he will not have expected all the fuss and furor," Kilbane wrote.

‘For him, it was a purely football decision and one that was best for the team and Ireland and the reason why he is paid the money he is paid.

I was fit for the play-off games against Estonia in November, although I must admit I would have been struggling.

But I was available for selection when Giovanni named his team.

Then I got a call from the manager that week. It lasted 30 seconds.

He came across as quite cold and methodical and the language barrier doesn't help because he got to the point and had nothing else to add.

He just said I am not considering you for the play-offs and that was it.

And that is Giovanni.

He has no favorites, nobody he would see as special. It wouldn't mean anything to him how experienced you are, how many caps you have, the whole consecutive games thing.

I was a player and a commodity and if I am not available to him, not in his thoughts, I am no use to him.
I didn't expect to be treated any differently, and I really mean that, but it did feel heartless at the time and it did hurt. But that's him and that's his way of dealing with players.
It is his job."