Kerry side Dr. Crokes justified their favoritism for the Munster club SFC title when they scored a 0-19 to 0-12 win over Cork champions Castlehaven on Sunday.

Crokes were seven points ahead at halftime as they retained their title with relative ease.

Kingdom star Colm Cooper was a constant problem for the Castlehaven defense and was pleased with his afternoon’s work.

Cooper told RTE Radio, “The first 20 minutes were excellent. Our movement, our kicking was very, very good. We just started in a very sharp manner that laid the foundation for the rest of the match.

“That’s the way we’ve been brought up to play football and that’s what we do all our lives - catch and kick as much as possible. When you’re playing against teams, they want to limit you but that’s the way we play.”

The Crokes star added, “I don’t think we’re good at playing any other way so we’ll get on with it. When it comes off it looks really good but there’s days when it doesn’t come off and you look a bit silly, but to be fair, more often than not, our guys produce the goods.”

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