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Brian Kelly is still going to be Notre Dame's coach for 2010. Despite all the rumors, speculation and guessing games, that reality has not changed.

Some of the speculation has become ridiculous. Pete Carroll's name has even come up — who's next, Bill Parcells?

Some people are getting just plain desperate to stop Kelly, dredging up his wife's alleged pro-choice position on abortion — which is a complete and utter non-issue when it comes to football coaching. Will we have a litmus test for football coaches' wives now?

How crazy is that?

The anti-Kelly forces are missing the obvious. This is the son of a politician who once drove Presidential candidate Gary Hart around Massachusetts. He knows exactly how to play this game. As well as being the best coach for the job, he's also the smartest and most "political" guy in the running.

He won't make the moves until he has to.

Which is what you can also say about Father John Jenkins, head of the University of Notre Dame. Sure, the athletic director gets to do the interviews and make the recommendation — but Jenkins has the final, final say.

He proved with the controversy over inviting President Obama to be commencement speaker — in which the student body ended up 90 percent behind him — that he knows what he's doing.

Guess who the students want? You got it: Kelly. The football team? The same.

Jenkins? You know the answer.