Keegan Bradley (25) became the first player since Ben Curtis to win a Major Championship on debut. Bradley walked away with the PGA Championship having won a play off against Jason Dunfer.

The Championship winner’s aunt, LPGA ‘Hall of Famer’ Pat Bradley said that was, in part, his “Irish toughness” that helped him win.

She told blogger Golf by Tour Miss “He showed some Bradley toughness…We’re an Irish family and we have that Irish toughness and he showed that today and I am just so very proud of him the way he fought back and brought it home.
“It’s a wonderful win to honor his father, who is a PGA pro for many many years and Keegan’s honored his dad with this win.

Speaking at a press conference after his big win he said “Ever since I was 10 years old, I've kind of flown under the radar, I guess you could say. I had what I thought was a pretty good college career. I never really got noticed. Same in junior golf and kind of the same out here.

"I've been having a good year, and that's just the way it happens with me, which is fine," he said.

"I was happy with it. It's cool to be thought of as one of those guys now. I've always wanted to be growing up . . . to win tournaments and win majors. I can't believe this thing (the Wanamaker Trophy) is sitting next to me."

Bradley also became the first ever player in the Majors to win using a belly or long-handled putter.

He said he’s proud of this achievement. He said “I’m very proud to be the first player using a belly putter to win a major…I remember people saying to me when I first switched, as they would go, ‘But nobody has ever won a Major with it’.
“And I remember looking at them and saying:  ‘I’m going to be the first one to win a Major. It’s a surreal thing it’s true.”

Bradley’s grandparents hailed from Cork and at the age of eight he travelled to Ireland to visit his ancestors. Last year he travelled with brothers played the “Three Brother’s International Classic” that has been played in Kenmare since 1978.