Johnny Manziel

So Johnny Football got the Heisman and Manti Te’o got the shaft.

That is the upshot of the most tarnished Heisman Trophy award in some time.

We have a kid arrested for a fight bordering on a racial incident against a kid who reflects the best values that America holds dear.

We had a kid who had a brilliant but possible flash in the pan season against a kid who has exemplified for years what it means to be a great college football player and human being.

We have a kid with a flashy nickname, Johnny Football, against a kid who just put his head down and worked hard and proved an inspiration after losing two of the people closest to him.

We had a kid who led a team of no hopers to a national championship battle against a kid who had one big victory over Alabama all season.

So here is why Johnny Manziel won the Heisman, his highlight reel looked better and he had a cute nickname.

Memo to voters ---highlight reels always look better when you are a quarterback as against a linebacker. And cute nicknames only go so far.

Unfortunately, in the flash and glitter and twitter world we live in a solid performance, inspiration and teamwork counts for little when you can watch a guy with a cute nickname avoid the sack against  big ‘ol ‘Bama.

Coach Kelly of Notre Dame is right, the Heisman is a joke after picking Manziel as against Te’o.

What will be fascinating to watch is how this plays out over time. Te’o will be a first round pick and a linebacker legend.

Manziel will leave for the pros next year and what then? I predict a Matt Leinart-tye stellar career once they figure out how to contain him ...

So let’s hear it for those Heisman voters.

Stupid is as stupid does and they just showed what dumb jock strap sniffers they really are.