John Duddy decisioned Michael Medina in Texas Stadium on Saturday night, winning on a scorecard in his favor of of 96-93 by two judges to 96-93 for Medina on the third scorecard. Duddy's record is now 29-1.

The narrow win now sets Duddy up for a title match against Julio Cesar Chavez in June, say boxing insiders.

Duddy will not be happy with this victory however, against a boxer considered far inferior to him.

Indeed,if Medina did not have a point deducted in the eight round for a low blow the fight would have been even closer. Duddy was at his best in the earlier rounds but the fight ended with Medina scoring some good shots as the Derry man visibly wilted.

However at 29-1 Duddy can now look forward to that big payday against Chavez that has long eluded him.