Joe Montana has come out swinging against Notre Dame because of their treatment of his son Nate who left the college last year.

Nate transferred from Notre Dame to Montana after being made a back up quarterback last year amid rumors of a falling out with coach Brian Kelly.

Nate briefly saw first team action against Michigan but never featured again.

Montana, the legendary Fighting Irish and San Francisco 49ers quarterback, is clearly still feeling the pain of his son's premature departure.

At a luncheon in Rochester New York he was asked whether he would ever become Athletic Director at Notre Dame

“You’re asking me at absolutely the wrong time.” he told the questioner

“What happened with my son and the reasons for leaving Notre Dame shouldn’t happen to any kid,’’ he said. “At this point in time, it’s hard to be in their corner.’’

The Rochester Press and Democrat reported the Montana retort, which will surely set alarms buzzing around the Golden Dome where Montana is a legend.