A Massachusetts jeweler believes the three foot gold leprechaun recently stolen from his storefront is bringing much better luck to the Boston Bruins.

So with that thought in mind he's set out in a black-and-gold bedecked car to search the whole of Boston to recapture his magical mascot.

'Jeremiah the leprechaun probably put the hex on the Canucks,' Michael O’Neill Monahan, jeweler at Monahan & Co. Jewelers in Harwich Port told the Boston Herald. 'It definitely, definitely won the game for the Bruins the other night, because he was spotted there.'
In praise of Leprechauns

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Monahan believes that Jeremiah, a 101-year-old cement leprechaun painted bright gold, was pinched from outside his jewelry store, where it had been chained to a bench.

Since Jeremiah's dramatic disappearance shop has received multiple tips about the missing mascot — sightings of the lucky leprechaun have occurred at the State House, in Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s office, at the tony Ritz-Carlton, and even in Fenway Park.

Monahan told the Herald this week that even if he never recovers poor Jeremiah, he won't mind so long as the Bruins fare well in the Stanley Cup finals.

'We hope that if we do find him, the Bruins will bring us to Vancouver with them to continue the hex,' he said.

Boston Bruins Leprechaun