Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish football team has recently confirmed another recruit for their 2013 recruiting class. Jacob Matuska, a Columbus, Ohio native, is projected to play as a defensive end for Notre Dame.

NBC Sports reports that Matuska also had offers from other big-name schools including Oklahoma, Nebraska and Michigan, but committed to Notre Dame less than a week after visiting its campus. While Matuska had his sights more on playing on the offensive side, he just couldn’t say no to Notre Dame.

Matuska’s father Jim said “I think it was in his heart. I think the whole process with the recruiting and such, you kind of lose sight of that. Once we got up there this past weekend and met the coaches and it really was a great visit, was when he truly thought about it, and he thought about it and we put ourselves into the future and imagined him putting on what uniform he wanted to put on and where would you want to graduate from. It was pretty clear to him.”

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