It is Rex Ryan versus the Rooney family on Sunday night in the battle between two franchises who could not be more different.

The Rooneys have built a dynasty,a football powerhouse that is competitive almost every year and has Super Bowl trophies in abundance.

The legend is built around figures like Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, and now Troy Paulamalo every decade.

Great coaches like Chuck Noll , Bill Cowher and now Mike Tomlin seem to form a seamless succession.

Behind it all is the Rooney family, perhaps the most respected in sports, who have fought on behalf of Black coaches, underdogs and the little guy all their lives.

It would be hard to find a more classy outfit-- Ben Roethlesberger not withstanding

Then there is the Jets.

Sure there was 1968 and Joe Namath, but since then nothing-- that's 43 years

Years of bad coaches Rick Kotite anyone? Terrible quarterbacks .. Ken O'Brien, Ray Lucas anyone?

Rich Kotite with a .123 wining average,and Joe Walton, famous for picking his nose on the sidelines were too often the face of the Jets.

Then there's ownership.Woody Johnson is no Rooney family. His estranged daughter died tragically of a drug overdose in Hollywood last year. The family squabbles are often in the public eye.

But now the bums and the big deals clash in the AFC championship game .

And the bums just might steal it