Notre Dame’s overtime loss to Michigan State when they perfectly executed a fake field goal in the last second of overtime was hard to believe.

In the process the Michigan State call will enter the annals as the gutsiest call in college football for many a year.

It may prove to be a turning point in Brian Kelly’s Notre Dame career.

At Cincinnati he won all the close ones it seemed, had luck on his side.

It was the kind of game his predecessor Charlie Weis would also surely have lost but Kelly has now had two heartbreaks two weeks in a row , losing on the final play.

Could it be Brian Kelly is now snake bitten too after this incredible loss?

Notre Dame lack that killer instinct and this defeat will take quite a while to recover from.

They are in serious danger of slumping to 1-5 in the upcoming weeks with their tough schedule.

It had all looked so good up to the incredible finish.

Whatever Brian Kelly told his quarterback Dayne Crist at half time in this Michigan State game it had the impact of a barrel of red bull.

Crist came out so energised that he resembled Joe Montana (who was at the game) in his heyday.
His second half display was awesome as he marched the Irish up and down the field, seemingly picking his targets at will.

Crist is clealry a quarterback who needs to have his confidence reinforced at key times.

After an indifferent second quarter and a bad interception, Crist looked suddenly vulnerable.

Clearly what Kelly said to him at half time restored that elusive confidence and made him unstoppable.

In the process he gave an insight into what the Kelly era will look like at Notre Dame where a relentless aerial and ground attack will be simply unstoppable against many teams.

Defence is still a work in progress also, and the final play will have gutted them, especially as it now has transpired that time was up on the kick.

But that's football.