Last week proved that rankings, polls and media ballots are as useless to America as Paris Hilton’s acting career. There’s way too much subjectivity, and not just one standard, unitized method in forming the top 25 teams.  The system needs a serious tweaking to say the least.  
Power rankings, on the other hand, do what the AP and Coaches Poll fail to do; entertain. Especially when they’re written by a handsome, young writer on  Let’s get to it:
  1. Alabama (4-0) - Bama is hotter than a ghost chili right now. And if you’re not familiar with a ghost chili, they’re the hottest red peppers on the planet. 
  1. Florida (4-0) - Tim Tebow doesn’t get concussions; concussions get Tim Tebow. Let’s hope that Superman is going to be alright. The Gators are counting their lucky stars they have a bye this week. 
  1. Texas (4-0) – The Longhorns must focus on Colorado this week. If they’re not, it’s because Oklahoma is on deck.   
  1. Boise State (4-0) – Congrats to Boise State for reaching their peak on my power rankings. It’s the lowest they’ll be ranked this year. I think it’s about time they joined the Pac-10.
  1. Virginia Tech (3-1) – Miami who? Not sure any team in the country protects their home turf like the Hokies. Still a long way to go though.   
  1. USC (3-1) – I still think this team has the talent to dominate anybody in the country; when Taylor Mays and Matt Barkley are healthy of course.
  1. Cal (3-1) – Haha, Psyche! No way they’re No. 7 anymore. Just seeing if you’re paying attention.
       7. Oklahoma (2-1) – Even though they’ve only won two games, something about them is convincing. If they beat Miami this week,    my   feelings will grow even stronger.
  1.  Cincinnati (4-0) – Right now, they’re the best team in Ohio. That’s right I said it. But I’m not harmonizing with the “Tony Pike for Heisman” chorus just yet.
  1. Iowa (4-0) – What a job by Kirk Ferentz’s team to go into a super hostile Happy Valley and come out with a victory. They get Michigan at home in two weeks.
  1.  Houston (3-0) – The Cougars are bullying the Big 12 like it’s nobody’s business. But like Boise, they don’t play anyone from here on in. 
  1. Ohio State (3-1) – Back to back shutouts for the Buckeye’s defense. Very impressive. But their next test doesn’t come for another month.
  1.  Oregon (3-1) – Aside from Virginia Tech, no team has come back better after their opening loss. They opened up Pac-10 play with a walloping of Cal.