There’s been a lot of discussion around the college football universe about how rankings and polls are actually calculated. Some voters base their ballots on preseason statistics and others solely on how and who the teams play on the field.   
Me? I base my power 12 rankings on who I think the best team in the nation is. Then I just count down. It’s pretty easy, like laughing during an episode of Family Guy.   
  1. Florida (3-0) – Tough to argue the Gators out of the one spot. They’ve won 13 straight and until a team humanizes them, they’ll remain at the top. I’ve heard that Tim Tebow has counted to infinity…Twice. 
  1. Alabama (3-0) – The Tide managed to leapfrog Texas in my standings. Why? They would beat the Horns if they played ‘em now. I think. 
  1. Texas (3-0) – They were shaky against a rebuilding Texas Tech squad.  But I can’t blame them; it was their first real test of the season. It gets a lot easier with UTEP this weekend.
  1. Miami (2-0) – Miami’s only played two games, but they beat two really solid schools. Their victory at Florida State looks that much better now, too. We’ll see how they react to the hype when they visit Lane Stadium and Virginia Tech. 
  1. Boise State (3-0) – Anyone who got the chance to watch the Broncos on ESPN    will tell you the same thing; they’re really, really fast…And their quarterback Kellen Moore is a born leader. 
  1. California (3-0) – Running back Javhid Best is as good as advertised. Well, actually he was in the last page of the circular to start the season. Now he’s a red-tag special. The Bears enter dangerous waters this weekend when they take on the Oregon Ducks.
  1. LSU (3-0) – How good does their opening win at Washington look now? The first “ridiculously difficult” stretch of their season starts this week at Miss St. Then it’s a trip to Georgia before a chance against Florida on home turf. 
  1. Ole Miss (2-0) – Do we know anything about this football team aside from the facts that they have great players and a good coach? Nope. But we will come Thursday night after they take on South Carolina.
  1. Cincinatti (3-0) – Hook, line, sinker; I’m sold on Cincy. Especially after their victory at Oregon State. Best team in the Big East. 
  1. Houston (2-0) – Luckily for the Cougars, they get another chance to showcase their talents on ESPN this weekend. And it comes against a formidable opponent in Texas Tech. It’s so much fun to watch them run up and down. 
  1. Virginia Tech (2-1) – Like Aretha Franklin, the Hokies managed to survive in the waning moments last weekend. If they can repeat their same tricks this weekend against Miami, they’ll be back in the top 10.
  1. Penn State (3-0) – Rumor has it that the base ingredient in Red Bull is Tim Tebow’s sweat. I’m just sayin’.