I had myself a promising Week 1, going 5-2.  And of course with any predictions, there was the cash; picking Oklahoma State to win by two touchdowns against Georgia, and the rash; taking Virginia Tech to upset Alabama.

As always, I’ll start with the big one:

Notre Dame @ Michigan:  It’s always a scary situation when the Irish travel to Ann Arbor and play in the Big House.  Everyone was down on the Wolverines last week, but they displayed more signs of life than an episode of ER. They’ll be able to pick up yards on the ground against a Notre Dame front that’s still developing. The Irish will answer with a pitch and catch offense that will make swiss cheese of Michigan’s secondary.   Prediction:  Notre Dame 34, Michigan 24

Clemson @ Georgia Tech (Thursday night):  Each season, Clemson is thought to throw a top-10 team onto the field.  And each season, they fail to live up to the hype.  This time around, however, there is no hype.  So technically, they should finally be playing with the “nothing to lose, we’re the underdog” mentality right?  Well, I hope so, because I think they’re talented enough on defense to stop Tech’s triple option.   And if Spiller is healthy, Clemson leaves with the tough road win.  Prediction:  Clemson 27, Tech 24 (OT)

USC @ Ohio State:  When it comes to getting blown out in big games, Ohio State is ranked No. 2 in the nation, right behind No. 1 Oklahoma.  Their success on Saturday rests on the massive shoulders of their defense.  If they haven’t woken up from last week’s scare against Navy, USC will run for 700 yards.  But if they can force one or two turnovers, they could pull it off.  Oh yeah, Mr. Terelle Pryor, I believe this is your breakout game.  Don’t make me look like a fool, please.  Prediction (as I wince) Ohio State 31, USC 30

Houston @ Oklahoma State: 
In theory, the final score of this track meet should add up to Lou Holtz’s age. Prediction:  Ok State 60, Houston 36

Syracuse @ Penn State:
  As much as I want ‘Cuse to smash the schedule-soft Nittany Lions, it won’t happen.  They’re out-manned at just about every position on the field.  Hopefully Cuse’s quarterback Greg Paulus makes it out of Happy Valley alive.  Prediction:  PSU 42, ‘Cuse 20

UCLA @ Tennessee:
  Rocky Top is no place for an opposing freshman quarterback to be playing around.  That’s right, I’m talking to you, 19-year-old Kevin Prince.  Tennessee has a ton of talent, it’s just a matter of how fast they grasp head coach Lane Kiffin’s pro style football.  I’m thinking they Vols will be ready for the Bruins.  Prediction:  UT 38, UCLA 18

Iowa @ Iowa State:
  If I could end this game in a tie, I would.  It seems Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz underachieves each season. And if he loses this one, he won’t get a chance at another one.  I hate to see him go.  Prediction: Iowa St 24, Iowa 20.