Ireland’s Joey Cabray and Rachel Walker were recently given deals to join Stephen Farrelly, known to fans as Sheamus, as the Irish presence in the WWE.

The Irish Sun
reports Cabray and Walker will hope to make their fellow countryman, former heavyweight champion, Sheamus, proud as the newest members of the WWE. The pair will first be sent to Florida for evaluation and development before a chance at the main events. 

Speaking about the new deal Joey Cabray, who wrestles under the name Omen, said: “I feel honoured because there are literally hundreds of thousands of young indy wrestlers around the world, yet only a couple of hundred get a contract with the WWE. 

He added:“I know all the hard work is ahead of me, but I am ready for the challenge.”

Rachel Walker, who wrestles under the name Rachelle St. Claire, will first recover from a knee injury before heading to Florida. 

The two were previously top wrestlers in Ireland and will hope to work their ways to the top of the WWE. 

Irish WWE champion Sheamus to be joined by another two Irish recruitsGoogle Images