The news that Tiger Woods will take part in his first tournament overseas at Adare Manor in Ireland next month has created a major buzz in the old sod.

Twelve of the top 15 pros in the world will tee off at Adare Manor's splendid course but the attention will all be on one guy.

It will be his first appearance outside America since the little incident that ended his marriage in Florida and the world of bad press he has gotten since.

Tiger can expect no easy ride in Ireland.

Sure the fans will cheer for him all the days he's there, especially when he's doing what he does best.

But Ireland has a tabloid press as nasty and sex obsessed as any media anywhere.

They can be expected to tee off on Tiger when he arrives.

After all it was an Irish publication, Dubliner magazine, that was sued successfully by Tiger's wife Elin when they tried to portray her as an ex-porn star.

So don't expect it all to be a 'hundred thousand welcomes' for the fallen superstar when he hits Irish shores

Also expect that the notorious British tabloids will be out on force too and that Tiger's every move will be deeply scrutinized.

Tiger is a one in a million, a guaranteed best seller on the cover every day that he is in Ireland.

If there is any attempt at hanky panky the red tops will be on top o f it.

In some cases they may even make it up.

So go carefully Tiger into this particular jungle.

Don't take good coverage for granted.