Although the Vancouver Whitecaps aren’t giving anything away there are rumors circulating that Irish striker, Robbie Keane, could be joining their team.

A British tabloid newspaper, the Sun, has said that Ireland’s captain is headed of a Major League Soccer expansion franchise.

Paul Barber, chief executive officer of the Whitecaps, and former executive director of Tottenham, Keane’s current club, said that this speculations was a little premature.

Barber said “We haven't made any firm decisions on designated players but over the next few weeks, that's going to be at the top of our agenda as we move into the January transfer window…There are a lot of great players out there.

He continued “Robbie Keane, having worked with him for five years — fantastic player, great guy — but we've got our minds open to a very large market.”

Keane has 121 goals in 332 Premier League games. He is yet to score this season. He is the Irish football team’s all-time leading scorer with 45 goals in 104 appearances.

The Whitecaps will begin play in 2011. It seems they are intent on adding a big name for their debut.

Barber said “We've said from the start with designated players if they're out there and they're available and we can afford them and they fit into our roster, then we'd look at the opportunities.”

Bob Lenarduzzi, Whitecap’s president, said last week that his team was not ready to go the big-ticket designated player route. He said “We feel it's too early for us to be looking at a DP (designated player) before we establish the core of our squad.”